The FIRST time Authentic Mughlai Indian food has been introduced in Ohio!

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We opened in 2013 in Columbus, Ohio

More than Fifty years ago in India, my father started collecting recipes. I am taking them forward and bringing them to the United States of America.

This is first time in state of Ohio with this kind of food where we specialize in making each entree according to our guest choice.

It's a Mughal food which means food of emperors and it's known for its richness and aroma. We promise to bring that to our prestigious guest. My food is representing cooking style of north India, Pakistan, city of Hyderabad and strongly influenced with the regional cousins of Kashmir and Punjab.

Our taste vary from extremely mild to spicy to extremely spicy and is often associated with distinctive aroma and taste of whole spices

Spices used in our Mughali kitchen have many health benefits and also cream is not the base of our entree.

Every entree is made unique with freshness and health benefits taken under consideration. Our base curries are blend variety of authentic spices used for cooking.

Darbar is known for generations for its hospitality and making sure to give our guest wonderful experience of simplicity and authentic India taste of food. Whether you are there for Tandoori, a scrumptious Chicken Kadhai or a home made Masala Chai you can always count on us and our family to welcome you with a big smile and open arms.